Design-sauna ladle "RAIN"

Invented by goldsmith Artur Rusin, the sauna ladle is a unique piece of work, handmade in most part, which is very rare these days. The sauna ladle is a patented design product that has won several prizes in a range of international design events. Sauna enthusiasts regard the Saunazza sauna ladle as the most ingenious invention of the past years.

Protected by patent nr 001774563-0001. 

About the Product

Owing to an equal distribution of drops of water and vaporization, the heater stones will not cool down as quickly as when using a regular sauna ladle. The sauna will be cleaner too... read more


To order a Saunazza sauna ladle, please complete the form below. Price 95.- €/piece + shipping to the nearest post office. The post office will notify you when your parcel has arr... read more


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sauna ladle "Rain" - relaxing steam